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The “F” Word. Fun!

If you dread going to the gym. Stop going.  Seriously, stop it. Step off the elliptical machine and head for the door.

But, don’t think you’re off the hook.  It is still your responsibility to stay active. Certainly the diversity of equipment you find at most  large gyms, and their 365 day/year nature is attractive for many folks.  However, if you’re like me, it may be hard to find motivation at a large gym, and as a result often attendance (and effort) declines. But, don’t lose hope.  Instead, skip the gym and find a class.

Group exercise,  such as power yoga, cycling, dance, martial arts, TRX etc.  are a great way to manage time, increase your effort, build consistency and find joy in movement. Maybe your gym offers these classes, if so, great! There’s no need to cancel your membership; just check out the group fitness schedule. If you don’t already have a membership or class package for group fitness, grab a couple of friends and do a quick Google search for what’s in your area. Chances are, you’ll find plenty of options in a variety of formats.

The social nature of group fitness keeps your goals in check, and because you’re no longer an anonymous treadmill drone, you’ll fee accountable for attendance. Most importantly, when you find a class format you love, working out becomes FUN!  Fun combats all of the barriers you think prevent you from working out.  If class is fun, you’ll fit it into your schedule. If class is fun, you’ll try harder. If class is fun, you’ll stop watching the clock.  If a class is fun, you’ll keep coming back!

Here are a few resources for group fitness to find a class near you:

Yoga Alliance – www.yogaalliance.org/yogaregistry

TRX – directory.trxtraining.com/

Zumba – www.zumba.com/en-US/party/classes/class-zumba-fitness

Spinning – www.spinning.com/en/take_a_free_spinning_class

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