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Exercise: Fitness and Endorphins are Just the Beginning

You would have to living under a rock not to know that exercise increases your stamina and endurance and it boosts the “feel good” chemicals that our bodies produce. But the truth is, that every bodily system has it’s own unique benefits from regular physical exercise.

Exercise is the common factor in the prevention of every chronic disease known. We are still learning what exercise does for reducing cancer risk. We know that exercise reduced the risk of metastasis…that is the tumor showing up in another part of your body. Research is now being conducted to look at exactly what exercise does to tumors to find out why that is so.

Exercise is also being used as a form of complimentary treatment. Cancer centers all over the world are now exercising patients during their chemotherapy treatments because it increases the action of the drugs and gives better outcomes. More exciting news about the benefits of exercise for cancer are surely on the way!

So if you are exercising just to get into that little black dress, you may be getting more than you bargained for!


Susan Gonzalez, BSN is a nurse certified in plant-based nutrition, award-winning blogger, owner of MOON Organics, a plant-based skin-care company, co-author of“100 Perks of Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It”, and co-creator of Cancer Plan 4 Life: a 28-day online cancer survivorship program.
Susan has been teaching the importance of health and wellness since she became a nurse over 25 years ago, but it hit home when she was diagnosed with stage III cancer in 2005.Since then she has made it her mission to educate so we can eradicate.You can contact her at www.100perksofcancer.com