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Julia Evans

Meet Julia Evans, yoga instructor. “It’s not yoga perfect, it’s yoga practice.” Go behind the scenes with Julia in this edition of the CheckGear Documentary Series.

Stephanie Yee

Meet Stephanie Yee, marathon runner. Her perspective on marathon running inspired us at a recent interview with her and we’re excited to share that perspective with you.

D. Anthony Evans

D. shares a powerful story of one who has fought a lifelong battle with cancer. We are excited to be able to share the story of how he continues to defy the odds through a commitment to his health through diet and exercise.

Corinne McKeag

After having been diagnosed with breast cancer, Corinne made the commitment to change not only her own habits, but also the diet and activity of her two children. With a supportive husband and Chicago firefighter by her side, Corinne has beat breast cancer and hopes to maintain a healthy environment for her kids to flourish.

Allen Carter

Meet Allen, a professional from Chicago, who, after a visit to a nutritionist, integrates workouts and a healthy diet into his busy schedule. Whether it’s a day at the office or fun with his family, Allen always finds ways to stay active.